The Musicality of Movement

Søknadsfrist 15. sep
Dato 11. okt – 13. okt
Pris 1500 kr
Tid 10:00 - 16:00

Om Workshop

A workshop on movement and theatre, aimed at professionals. The workshop is part of  the festival Figur i Fossekleiva (9th – 14th of October) and tickets are included. 

During the workshop we will work towards the development of body awareness with expressive and communicative objectives, as well as the acquisition of tools that will allow us to expand our vocabulary and body grammar within our field of personal work.

How we will do it:

  • We will remember or introduce, in a practical way, the fundamental concepts of stage acting: weight, breathing, presence, the look, the walks and the displacements.
  • We will tune our instrument: warming up, organicity and economy of movement.
  • Technique and fundamental principles of physical mime and theatre (body articulation, movement chronology, precarious balance, the law of proportions, the economy of movement, the hierarchy of expressive elements, pre-gesture and postgesture, etc.).
  • We will focus on the design, rhythm and intensity: the musicality of the movement.
  • Finally we will put these tools into practice in contexts of improvisation, play and open the way to the creation of body phrases, which will invite us to investigate dramaturgy and body writing.

«When the actor refrains from appearing on stage accompanied by his body, he may refrain from studying the art of the body» – E.Decroux

What to bring:

Comfortable clothes, water. Some healthy snacks are recommended. Lunch is included all three days. 


Pau Bachero – Artistic Director of LA MECÀNICA – is an actor, deviser and theater director, specialized in movement and visual theater. Founder of the collective MECHANICS (2001), the International School of Corporal Mime in Barcelona (now MOVEO), and current artistic director of the Company LA MECÀNICA, with whom he has created, among others, the show YET ANOTHER FLEETING HOUR, co-produced with the French company Théâtre du Mouvement.

Pau has been part of other theater and dance companies, such as Omnibus in Montreal, Raravis Danza, La Tal and Agrupación Sr Serrano in Barcelona, and Res de Res and Circ Bover in Mallorca.

He has directed circus shows, visual theater and puppets. Pau has been directing the CIRC BOVER shows for five years (Circ Transhumant, Vincles and Sentinel). As a teacher, he has conducted laboratories and given workshops in theater, corporeal mime and movement in Spain, Poland, France, Canada, Czech Republic and Puerto Rico.

He was trained at the Institut del Teatre and the School of Corporeal Mime in Barcelona, the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, L’École du mime in Montreal and the studio of Théâtre du Mouvement in Paris.

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Åpent for profesjonelle deltakere, dvs. med godkjent treårig utdanning på høyskolenivå, eller tilsvarende profesjonell erfaring, med følgende bakgrunn:

Profesjonelle utøvere – skuespillere, dansere, figurspillere.


Fossekleiva kultursenter, Bergerveien 2, 3075 Svelvik


Vi har som mål å være et kompetansesenter for skuespillere over hele landet, og Norge er et langstrakt land. Derfor kan du søke oss om reisestøtte dersom du har fått plass på et av våre kurs/arrangement og du bor langt unna stedet der det gjennomføres.

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Søknadsfrist 15. sep
Dato 11. okt – 13. okt
Pris 1500 kr
Tid 10:00 - 16:00

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How to apply: Send your CV to Figur i Fossekleiva: (Make it clear that you are applying for the workshop with LA MECÀNICA.)