A concept to promote Nordic actors during the 65th Berlin International Film Festival 2015.


This first trial project was organized and funded by the Norwegian Actors’ Center, in cooperation with LSC (Linda Steinhoff and Lisa Stutzky) and TMStudio, with The Norwegian Actors’ Equity Association and Scandinavian Locations as partners, with Rushprint as mediapartner, and with guidance from The Norwegian Film Institute (NFI).

The project was a success in many ways, and we thank all our collaborators, participants and sponsors for making it happen!


The project was initiated by Linda Steinhoff, who was also hired as project manager. The Norwegian Actors’ Center is no longer involved in Northern Lights, partly because it requires more resources than we have the possibility to offer per now. Please contact Steinhoff should you have any questions regarding Northern Lights:

steinhofflinda (a)










The 25 Nordic actors who were selected:

Oversikt deltakere 2




25 Nordic actors were chosen this year for special attention and promotion the 9th of February during the Berlin International Film Festival 2015.




  • Closed meeting and brunch at the Nordic Embassies:
  • The 25 selected Nordic actors met for speed dating arranged with international casters.
  • Northern Lights provided the casters with the necessary memory-sticks with showreel and contacts of the selected actors, and also offered to assist further in putting actors and casters in contact during the Berlinale.


  • – The actors will then took part in the yearly Scandinavian Locations brunch after the speed dating session, with around 150-200 specially invited representatives from the international film industry (mainly directors and producers).


  • Evening gala/red carpet event
  • – For further networking with international film industry, 150-200 guests (guest list entry only).
  • – Actors received an offer to get styled and dressed with designer clothes and accessories for the star-feel at the red carpet.
  • – A who-is-who-pdf with all important names of invited guests and casting addresses
  • – PR assistance on red carpet call
  • – Northern Lights projected showreels on the walls in loop with specially composed film music
  • – Some networking assistance at the party to make sure to turn those awkward networking moments into a fun evening with great new industry connections
  • – Drinks to calm down
  • – Humour and glamour


There was a participation fee of NOK 500,- (about 50 euros) for the actors who got chosen to participate, to cover administrative costs.

Because Northern Lights was organized and mainly subsidized by the state funded Norwegian Actors’ center, we regrettably could only cover the hotel cost for the Norwegian participants (8th-10th of February). Otherwise, all participants had to cover their stay and travel expenses themselves.


Any questions can be addressed to, or on the Northern Lights Facebook page.


The application criteria


  • – Must be fluent in English (preferably also in german and/or additional languages.)
  • – Motivation letter in English (200-250 words.)
  • – Link to English internet presentation (either Agency/ actors union catalogue/ -or actor’s personal homepage)
  • – Professional showreel of about 3 minutes with English subtitle- must include material of professional feature film or tv-series with dialogue (please note that we can not accept recorded theatre-play as showreel). If you do not speak English in any of the clips, please include a short introduction in English (maximum 20 seconds).
  • – Professional, updated photos in colour
  • – Filmography CV in English and credit on IMDB




The Berlinale is one of the biggest A-list festivals in the world with a particular focus on actors as part of the film industry. This is one of the best platforms to network with the best talents in the industry worldwide.


At the moment there is a noticeable trend and interest amongst the international industry to cast Nordic actors. Ingrid Bolsø Berdal and Ulrich Thomsen are just two of several Nordic actors who have impressed an international audience with their movie performances in 2014.


But the issue at hand is that international casters complain that Nordic actors can be tricky to find. This is partly due to northerners not following the international guidelines for how to be visible on the market. Another problem is that Nordic actors often find it uncomfortable and awkward to network with strangers on their own. And many are not yet supported by an agent or manager.


It is important to react quickly and respond to the international interest. We believe that the Nordic countries have far more great actors with international potential to offer. We wish to support Nordic actors to network with the right industry professionals in order to enable further film collaborations across countries.


This is an exciting pilot project, which by success, could become an annual platform to showcase Nordic talents!


Visit the Facebook page for updated news!




Norwegian Actors’ Center

The Norwegian Actors’ Centre (Norsk Skuespillersenter) is a training centre for professional actors and theatre makers. We provide workshops, seminars, master classes, networking events and other industry events for actors all over Norway. Our aim is to facilitate continuous professional development within the performing arts. We have a strong focus on cross-disciplinary collaboration and networking, and a number of our events are open to other theatre, film and arts professionals as well as actors.

The Norwegian Actors’ Centre was initiated by the Norwegian Actors’ Equity Association, and became an independent organization in 2001. We are funded by the Norwegian government.

Mika Ore

Mika Ore, Managing Director


Tel.: +47 22 20 65 60




Project Leader


Linda Steinhoff is from Bergen (Norway) but lives in Berlin. She recently worked as press coordinator at the international film festival in Oslo “Films from the South”, whilst working on the post-production of her documentary supported by the Norwegian Film Institute for ITV-Norway and NRK. Her past credits include mainly casting. She has casted international feature films like A letter to the king (2014), Before snowfall ( 2013), Luks Luck ( 2010), A l’age d’Ellen ( 2009) amongst others. Since 2011, Linda has been active in trying to strengthen the Norwegian actors’ visibility on the international marked. She attended the co-production meeting at the Nordic embassy in Berlin in 2009, and has since then published several articles in magazines like Rushprint, leading workshops for actors (through the Norwegian Actors’ Center) and agencies in how the international casting-and film industry is built up, and guidelines to improve PR.

Tel: +49 172 385 7929




Maria Cappelen

Assistant coordinator (Oslo)


Maria Amaral Cappelen grew up with theater and not long after finishing her studies she started working behind the cameras, followed by two years in France, doing social work and helping teen-agers develop camera skills and audio-visual techniques. The last two years she’s been working with the international guests as a coordinator for The Films from the South festival in Oslo.


kari headshot

Kari Grunnførfjord Finstad

Press coordinator

Kari grew up under the Northern Lights in Lofoten, Norway. She has a degree in filmmaking from Paris. She has extensive background as a freelance writer, press coordinator and social media consultant. Recently web editor for the Films from the South Festival in Oslo.



Eirik Smidesang Slåen

Eirik Smidesang Slåen

Marketing and communication

Owner and daily manager of Imaginær, responsible of marketing on over 100 Norwegian films, theatre plays, book launches and more in the last five years. Eirik also works as screenwriter and producer, festival curator and a freelance writer.



Halvor Digernes

Co-owner of Fuglen bar in Oslo and Tokyo, and event coordinator of many Fuglen-related events. Fuglen has a regular event for the Norwegian pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival. Halvor will be contributing to our evening gala party in Berlin with a specially made Northern Lights cocktail.



Local project coordinator (Berlin)


Lisa Stutzky is a Casting Director and Agent in a berlin-based actors-management. She is currently working on the international cast for the new feature movie from award-winning director Hans Weingartner. In September she started to cast for internationally well-known arthouse director Veit Helmer, who is known for working with actors from all around the world. In November she will also start with the casting for the german feature-film “Mummenschanz”. Among several other movies she completed this year the cast for Veit Helmer’s childrens feature-film “Fiddlesticks”, which is currently shown at more than 25 international film festivals, works for american director Mariana Jukica’s “Coke, Champagne & Cigarettes” and she also assisted in finding the Nordic cast for the movie “Kleine Ziege, Sturer Bock”. During the last 5 years she worked as a caster in over 20 movies.
Since 2008 she is permanently working as an agent at “ Anja Joos Management”, including PR for the actors and actresses.

For our event Lisa will be our partner in Berlin where she will do guest relations for german industry partners (film) and German sponsorship.




Trine Marie Skauen

Visual PR


Founder of TMStudio, Trine Marie Skauen is from Sarpsborg, born and raised there. She lived in Oslo for 10 years, where she went to Contemporary Art School (Mølla Kunstskole in Moss), Make Up School (Niss) and got her bachelor degree in Art Direction at Westersdals School of Communication. Today Trine lives and works with her husband, photographer Marco Di Filippo. TMStudio are true believers of the power of beautiful imagery as the best way to communicate with the public, for instance in their campaigns and advertisement for international fashion brands. For Northern Lights TMStudio will be responsible for the Visual Communication.



Marco Di Filippo


Mail:   Represented by

Marco has been traveling around the globe as a photographer, shooting fashion campaigns, commercial work and portraits for years.
He still travels today, but mostly in between Norway, Italy and Germany. Di Filippo will contribute to Northern Lights with his international style of photography.




Ina Charlotte Fjellhøy




Thora Albring



Magnus Aspelin






Norwegian Actor´s Equity Association

The Norwegian Actor´s Equity Association is an independent organization whose purpose is to protect the artistic, judicial and financial interests of actors in Norway. Founded in 1898, the Association is one of the oldest Trade Unions in the world for actors – and the only Trade Union in Norway representing professional actors. The Association negotiates work agreements and also functions as a service organization for its members – working in theatre, film, television and radio in Norway and abroad.




Scandinavian Locations

Scandinavian Locations calls for increased partnership between the film commissions and industries of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and has a common aim to encourage the use of Scandinavian locations, facilities, talents and stories by the international audiovisual industry.

Scandinavian Locations was founded in Stockholm early spring 2009 by the film commissions of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The member organizations are non-profit film commissions, endorsed by regional or national authorities The members provide free-of-charge services to the industry, and are the first port of call for international producers eyeing a shoot in Scandinavia.

The Film Commissions collaborate with the Norwegian Film Institute, where Film Commission Norway is an integral part of the Department of Promotion and International Relations. Film Commission Norway aims to encourage and aid international film productions in Norway, and acts as a link between the national and the international film and television industry.




Rushprint – Media Partner

Leading magazine for the film and tv-industry in Scandinavia.




With guidance from: The Norwegian Film Institute

The Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) operates under the auspices of The Royal Norwegian Ministry for Culture and is the government’s civil executive body for the film sector and its advisor in questions of film policy. Through Regulations delivered by the Ministry and its general mandate the NFI is charged with putting the government’s film policy into practice.The NFI participates at film cultural events and national and Nordic film focuses in order to highlight the quality of Norwegian films and directors and build and strengthen Norwegian film’s reputation and international standing. The NFI works closely with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Norwegian embassies abroad in promoting Norwegian films and film culture and also participates in a number of European promotional efforts, including the European Film Academy, European Film Promotion, Filmkontakt Nord, European Short Film Conference and Scandinavian Films.



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